Sweet Taste Test: DIY Box of Gummies

I absolutely love gummy candies. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Sockerbit, a charming Swedish candy shop in New York City's West Village. It is a candy lover's paradise with a plethora of gummy treats to choose from in a minimally-designed space that is undeniably Scandinavian.

After joyfully eating through half of my purchased sweets even before I made it home, I was inspired to send some to my boyfriend back in California. Of course, I would make a DIY project out it, designing a custom candy box filled with treats for him to sample.


I began my project by taking a trip back to Sockerbit and picking out sixteen different gummies. It was really hard to narrow down my selection but I tried to pick a variety of flavors, colors and shapes. I also tried to make sure they would comfortably fit into the candy box. Aren't they all so colorful and pretty!?


I would need to design a few printed items to bring this candy box to life. I began by creating a box liner with each gummy's name and assigned number on it.


I inserted the box liner into the base of a plain white box that I got at a craft store. This box measured 4.37"(L) x 5.75"(W) x 1"(H).


A box label reading "Sweet Taste Test" was adhered to the center of the lid.


Next onto the box divider. I cut three strips of cardstock to fit the width and height of the box and three strips to fit the length and height. Then I cut three evenly-spaced slits in each strip, making sure not to cut all the way through. I, then, carefully inserted the strips into one another to create a secure interlocking piece, as seen in the below right image.  


The divider fit perfectly into the box. What a relief!


Next, I designed a score card that asked my boyfriend to rate each gummy on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the tastiest. The scorecard also asked if each gummy tasted better than my favorite gummy of all time, Autodrop Cadillacs from Holland. They are the only things that make my tastebuds literally jump when I think about them. I am salivating right now!


And finally a note card with a poem. As what candy box would be complete without a one? Definitely not this one.


Now for the best part! Placing each gummy into its new home.  


Assembling everything together.


The finished candy box came out better than I would have expected. It was too cute to part with but off I shipped it to the West Coast knowing how much my boyfriend would get a kick out of this surprise gift. He absolutely loved all the gummies, especially the #Social candy ones but we both agreed that nothing beats the taste of an Autodrop Cadillac.

This was a really fun and unexpected project that was not only so much fun to make but tasty as well. I think I may need to head over to Sockerbit soon to get my sweet fix!  


Oh so sweet! DIY gift