Seashell Embellished Flask

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to drink. You name it, I will drink it. A shot of tequila, a crisp glass of Riesling, a gingery Moscow Mule or any one of the masterfully-created cocktails at Angel’s Share. Ah, the list can go on and on. I suppose it is the Korean in me.

So I thought that getting a flask for myself would be most appropriate. A emergency stash of giggle juice for those times when you do not want the buzz to wear off or when you just had a crappy day at work. Of course, I would have to DIY mine. It took numerous trips to trimming shops around New York and combing through websites to find the perfect embellishments but this was hands down one of the quickest DIY project I have ever done.


I got a 3-ounce circular stainless steel flask, which will easily fit into the smallest of purses. Rounding out this short supplies list is multi-use glue and toothpicks (I had matchsticks so used those instead) to attach the embellishments. 

I found these beautiful silver-toned cypraea shell buttons at MJ Trimming. I must have visited this shop at least four times, staring at the floor-to-ceiling walls covered with buttons and trims and walking out empty-handed each time because I could not make a decision. But during my last visit, I spotted these seashells and knew I found what I was looking for.


First, decide on the placement of the shells, I went for a simple floral pattern. After you are happy with your design, take the shells off the flask and give it a good wash to get rid of any dust or oils that your fingerprints may have left behind. Not doing so can prevent your embellishments from attaching properly. 

Put a quarter-size amount of glue on scratch paper. Dab a good amount of glue onto the wood end of your matchstick or either side of your toothpick. Line the bottom edge of the shell with glue then place onto your flask one by one. 


Once everything is completely dried, fill your flask with your favorite alcohol. I might go with my favorite Blanton's bourbon. And as always, drink responsibly. *wink*