Hexidecimal Code Countdown

My boyfriend and I are currently in a long-distance relationship, I being in New York and he in the Bay Area. This is not our first time at love miles away, for two years I was working in Hong Kong while he was in San Francisco. Of course being apart is never easy, but from that distance "The Countdown," was born, a roughly week long themed-email exchange to "countdown" the days until we would see each other again.

I have been in The Big Apple since the end of August and flew back to San Francisco to see JB (and family of course) for the Thanksgiving holiday. During this roughly three-month time period each of us selected a hexidemical code to represent each day. This code is a six-digital number primarily used in the digital world to indicate a specific color. The first two digits represent red, the middle two green, and the last two blue. For example, #CC66FF is a bright purple and #FFFFFF is white. Yes, I know this is super nerdy, but I am not ashamed of it!

So let the color picking begin! Sigh, SOOOOOO many days to color in.


August 2014


September 2014
As you can see I gravitated towards the pinks and fuschias while JB prefered the blues and greens.


October 2014
I went the rainbow route for this month.


November 2014
The rainbow continued, while JB stuck with the blues and greens for the final month. Sometimes habits die hard.