Text Message Wedding Congratulatory Video

My dearest friends Ivy and Jeff tied the knot this past weekend and I must say their wedding was by far one of my favorites for so many reasons. I was amongst my closest friends and the entire wedding was sprinkled with magical moments, from the incredibly heart-felt vows, to the touching speeches that made me cry (I FINALLY cried at a wedding!) and all the comedic moments in between that really showcased the couple's personalities and love for each other.

Well, one of Jeff's groomsmen asked that each of the couple's friends submit a 2-3 minute congratulatory video that would be played during the reception. Of course, I excitedly put on my creative thinking cap and let the creative juices start flowing. I was quickly inspired by something that I personally think we do a little too much of these days - texting. I decided I would text Ivy and Jeff their wedding message, making sure to add as many emojicons as possible.


I had such a fun time making this video, changing several times until I felt I was wearing the perfect top, making sure to record myself talking only after a train passed by so that the noise would not ruin the audio and of course driving my boyfriend nuts by texting all of these messages to him so I could grab the screenshots. But all is good in the hood as I am happy to report that Ivy and Jeff loved the video. Cheers to the happy couple! β™₯