Customized Get Uncommon iPhone Case

For some reason I had the itch to get a new iPhone case. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love my Yellena James case that I found a few years ago after combing through literally thousands of cases on Etsy. What I love about Yellena's work is her brilliant use of vibrant colors and undulating lines that make me feel like I am in a coral-reef-filled scene from Finding Nemo. Plus, her work can be spotted on Modern Family - now THAT is cool.


This time around I decided to semi-design my own iPhone case. Why do I say semi-designed, you ask? Well, if you google "line icons" you will see a plethora of beautifully-designed minimalist icons for everything from kitchen tools to travel gear. Many are free to download and use so rather than reinventing the wheel, I decided to use them as a starting point for my design. I will have links to all the sites I grabbed them from at the end of this post.

Well, your phone is probably the single most important object you use on a daily basis (whether we like it or not). As such, I wanted my new case to be my daily reminder to strive to do the things that bring joy to my life. I gathered all the icons (and drew out a few) that make me happy and surrounded them around the tagline "Do What You Love." It is such a simple motto to say but not always easy to live by. It is always easier to complain than to change, easier to conform and be complacent than to demand something better. But life is too short to be unhappy.


So whether it is traveling or painting, trying your hand at a new skill or reading a fabulous book (I highly recommend Tina Fey's Bossypants), DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

I used Get Uncommon to print my iPhone case design. The process is super easy and the printing quality is really great. And I have to say a big THANK YOU to them. Why you ask? Well, I was so disappointed when I received my case because the artwork was not centered. I asked if they would be so kind to reprint the case, fully expecting they would say no. Luck for me, they did and even sent me a screen cleaning cloth. An example of great customer service, if I say so myself. I will definitely order my next case from them.