White Swan Feather Dress

The moment I saw these photos of Chanel Iman for Fashion's Night Out I was head over heels in love. Not with Chanel, although she is absolutely gorgeous but with her feather dress. This fun and youthful bundle of fluffy goodness kind of became my obsession and I scoured the internet looking for something similar to wear to my upcoming New Year's Eve party.


I shutter to imagine what these Marchesa Fall 2010 couture dresses would cost. I suspect a small fortune.


It's so fluffy!


When I could not find anything similar I visited a highly recommended seamstress to see if he would be able to make something similar. He said it would be a challenge and quoted a price tag of US$500, a reasonable price for a one-of-a-kind dress but more than I was willing to pay for one night of partying and the high-risk factor of drunken party goers ruining my prized masterpiece.

Eventually, I decided to do it myself and simply glued pre-strung feathers unto an old white tube dress.  I threw on a few accessories and the finished look was better than I could have imagined. And you cannot beat a bank-friendly price tag of US$90 for all the materials. When all else fails, DO IT YOURSELF!


The completed look